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Why are we leveraging Blockchain technology?

wevest is focusing on technologies that add significant value to financial services.

Blockchains or Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) will be a game changer for many industries in the next decade. We believe that blockchain applications are particularly suited to improve the financial services industry.

Transferring value and settling transaction based on a public and immutable ledger will help reduce the intermediaries involved in the settlement while bringing transparency, fast and cost-efficient settlement.

Blockchain will reinvent the financial services for the benefit of all its participants.

Blockchain Technology will have an Impact.

Particularly in the financial industry. Here are some advantages provided by blockchain technology.
Financial Inclusion

Underserved SMEs are provided with new ways of accessing corporate financing. They will stop depending on one single source of financing.

Portfolio Diversification

Investors finally get easy access to alternative asset classes through asset tokenization. Invest like Family Offices or professional HNWIs.

Low Transaction Costs

Blockchain technology enables transactions with low ticket sizes due to a smaller degree of bureaucracy and fewer intermediaries.

Fast Transactions

We are leveraging the Stellar ecosystem to realize the transfer of value and ownership within minutes instead of days.

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